“You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves”

— Mary Oliver, Wild Geese

Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,

the world offers itself to your imagination

— Mary Oliver, Wild Geese

Mary Oliver, Wild Geese

Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,

the world offers itself to your imagination”

1966 edition of ‘The Hobbit’ illustrated by Tolkien 😻

“The heart’s gone out of it; why keep it up?”

— Robert Frost, Home Burial

"And I was broken"

Oh wow another NA book with a broken girl — big surprise!

Authors, please write a book with a normal girl, or a kick ass girl. Not everyone is broken.


This book was both too slow and too fast (how???)

I knew who the bad guy was a few chapters in, BUT I didn’t get the details right. Anywho… I didn’t like Oakley at all. I am against the vow of silence she took — you have to speak up if you want anything to change. 

This also wasn’t even an NA novel, I thought it was but it really wasn’t. The main character was only 15!!! It wasn’t really a YA book though either… It had drama but it was boring. It had serious potential, but fell through. 

I won’t look into the rest of this series; although the author’s other novels look interesting… I probably won’t check them out though. 

Today was my first day back at special collections and I had to say hi to my babies and touch them for luck (I know I am so weird but still you can’t do better than Fitzgerald first editions!)

I just finished ‘Madame Butterfly’ which I listened to while I packed. Wow.


Short and full of emotions, Long’s ‘Madame Butterfly’ inspired the famous opera of the same name. 

This short story follows a young Japanese girl who fell for an American Naval officer, they were soon wed, and eventually he goes back to the United States. She waits three years for him, but when he finally returns, all is not as it seems. 

I loved the ending. Although, I bet they change it in the Opera — which I now want to see. 

goddessbooks asked: could you pls suggest supernatural YA series where the boy hates the girl but then ends up loving her?

Here’s what I’ve come up with! (The majority of these include a boy/girl hate/love relationship!)

Supernatural YA/Adult:

  1. hush hush - becca fitzpatrick (this came to mind first!)
  2. fairy bad day - amanda ashby
  3. pleasure unbound - larissa ione
  4. the darkest night - gena show alter
  5. a demon and his witch - eve lanlais
  6. the host - stephenie meyer
  7. jacob - jacquelyn
  8. iron king -  julie kagawa
  9. angelfall - susuan ee
  10. star-crossed - josephine angelini
  11. sweet evil - wendy higgins
  12. fallen - lauren kate

Not supernaturel:

  1. perfect chemistry - simone elkeles (one of my favorites!)
  2. bully - penelope douglas 
  3. pride and prejudice - jane austen (no list is complete without a classic!)

If any of ya’ll have some more to add, please reblog with their titles!

Leaving for VT tomorrow and I’ll be reunited with these ladies (+ kalla) 😸☺️😘

Last book haul of the summer - and probably for awhile!

i get excited about new books and good grades

i am such a loser lol